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Fendi Pop-Up in Ginza

| Luxury , Fashion

2015 was the 50 anniversary for Fendi in Japan. To celebrate this milestone, the Rome-based Italian luxury brand decided to open a pop-up store in the most elegant and chic area in Tokyo—Ginza.


There are three floors with different playful features in this signature shop, the first and only Fendi boutique in Japan to feature both men's and women's collections. The Fendi Ginza facade is inspired by its headquarter in Rome, Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana. The Tokyo flagship features a blue neon rendering of the Rome building's famous arches.

The inside is spacious and bright, the glass all around reflecting the lights to bring out the joy of shopping. The staff are cheerful and helpful, they're even happy to elaborate on the store design. One of the most remarkable pieces of art is the fur tree that hangs in the middle of the store, designed by Japanese artist Azuma Makoto.

Floor Plan

The second floor is all men's, with clothes ranging from casual to formal together with accessories and bags.

The ground floor and basement are women's floors. On the ground floor you'll find a wide variety of leather goods, including accessories, handbags, wallet and card holders—keep an eye out for lovely fur alphabet key chains!—while the basement is women's clothes. There are also a few limited-edition products here, making this a highly recommended spot for Fendi fans!

Interactive Features

Besides the products and store designs there are a few interactive features in the store. In the basement, sitting next to all the pretty dresses, there's a small exhibition of famous Fendi dresses from the past. There's also a small theater displaying a film that shows the inspirations behind the brand and its fashion.

Piro-Chan & Bug-Kun

The store is designed around a theme park motif, so of course there's an element of play and fun. Fendi mascots Piro-chan (pink) and Bug-kun (blue) visit the store from time to time, so don't forget to snap some selfies when you see them. Also watch out for the Karlito doll, made in imitation of Fendi Creative Director Karl Lagerfeld.

Even if you're not there to buy, you can still enjoy your time!