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3 Ninja Training Tours in Tokyo

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There are plenty of places where you can have a ninja experience in Japan, but how many will give you some actual ninja training? While these tours can't be compared to lifelong dedication to the art of ninjutsu, they'll certainly give you a taste!

1. Ninja Training at Jidai Academy Dojo (Tabata)

Study with the ninja masters of the Musashi Clan and learn the secrets of the ancient Japanese martial art. With an English-speaking interpreter, nothing will be hidden as you practice both the physical and mental skills of ninjutsu. Learn the kuji-kiri hand signs, strengthen your body, calm your mind with meditation, and get hands-on with traditional weaponry.

2. Mountain Ninja Experience in Tokyo (Akiruno City)

Go into the depths of the mountains to learn the techniques of becoming a ninja from a master. Located in the Yozawa area of Akiruno City in western Tokyo, you can experience ninja star throwing, shooting darts with a blowpipe, Japanese fencing and grappling, as well as learning about ninja history and philosophy. Two-hour and four-hour courses are available, and can be customized to your needs.

3. Samurai & Ninja Entertainment Bus & Ninja Experience (Asakusa)

Spend a day filled with ninja in Asakusa at the heart of Tokyo. Journey around the city on a bus with an English-speaking DJ while watching a dramatic battle unfold between ninja and samurai. Will the samurai be able to capture the ninja? You have to get on the Samurai & Ninja Safari Entertainment Bus to find out!

After your tour, make your way to the Asakusa Hanayashiki amusement park, the oldest amusement park in Japan. Here you will learn basic sword art, camouflaging techniques and how to use a ninja star. If you succeed, you'll also receive a certificate to take home proclaiming your ninja skills!