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Death Rabbits' 'Nande' Is a Ninja Death Trap

Ninja J-Pop Music Video

Death Rabbits' fifth single, “Nande?” was released in November 2015. The music video focuses on Bucho (producer Akira Kanzaki), a typical office worker who attracts both ninja and the scorn of co-workers, except for a young woman sitting at a nearby desk. She leaves him a note and he hurries to finish his work so he can have a romantic rooftop rendezvous in the moonlight.

However, it's a trap, and Bucho finds himself fighting more ninja—this time led by a female in red, who turns out to be the co-worker he had a crush on!

After her defeat, Bucho goes off to drink away the night and search for answers. But if he lives out near elephants and giraffes, how is he going to get a ride home after 2:30 in the morning?

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