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Ghibli in a Bottle?

Handicrafts One Piece Ghibli

Using natural objects along with model-making materials like faux moss, Amsterdam-based artist and graphic designer Rosa de Jong has been making detailed, lifelike works of art by hand for her series “Micro Matter.”

While each miniature model is of the artist's own imagination, they look like they could be straight out of One Piece or Studio Ghibli’s Laputa: Castle in the Sky. Compare if you will:

Ghibli’s Laputa...

...and Merveille from One Piece.

Each individual detail is painstakingly added by hand, and the finished island is then suspended within a glass test tube, creating a fantastical floating world all its own.

You can see de Jong’s current projects in progress, as well as the scrupulous detail and care that go into creating each inspiring work of art, on her Instagram or Dribble accounts.

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