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How to Be a Ninja in 6 Minutes

Ninja Video FAQ

This tongue-in-cheek take on the ninja phenomenon comes from YouTube channel AWE me's "Epic How To" series. In it, Joe Bereta and his epic mustache take us through a number of aspects of what it is to be a ninja.

Bereta translates the meaning of "ninja" as "one who endures," and while this is partly true, it can also mean "one who acts in stealth." Bereta then compares the ninja to ancient versions of spies and assassins, though he also considers that they might even be seen as the ancient equivalent to Navy SEALs.

We get insights into various ninja techniques such as stealthy ways of walking, what to wear (hint: it's not black masks!) and even what to eat, uncovering many key aspects of ninja life. Using a plethora of cool animations, this is a great, modern take on the wonderful world of the ninja. Click the video above to find out more!