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Interview with the 'Last Ninja'

Ninja Video

As the video above explains, nin (忍) means to hide or disguise in Japanese (though it can also mean "to endure"), and sha (or ja, 者) means a man or person—describing perfectly the essence of the ninja (忍者) that the world has come to know, admire and be fascinated by.

The video focuses on Jinichi Kawakami, who is commonly heralded as "The Last Ninja" due to his claim to be the last heir to authentic ninjutsu from the Iga and Koka regions of Japan. Literally translated, jutsu (術) means technique, so together with the nin of ninja, ninjutsu becomes the art of disguise or concealment, although of course, ninjutsu, as Kawakami will explain, is far more that that!

One essential ninja technique is the ability to control their bodies. Kawakami highlights this by showing on-camera how he's able to pop his shoulder out of place and then pop it back in.

This insteresting video has been prepared by YouTube channel RTR Japan, which is run by Russian journalists Sergey Mingazev and Alexey Pichko. Check it out to look further into the mind of a man who asserts to be a real, modern-day ninja!