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Synchronized Bathing Bids Travelers to Oita

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Japan may be a small country in terms of area, but it certainly makes up for it with 47 distinct prefectures that have their own vibrant personalities. Prefectures like Tokyo and Osaka dominate with their big city lifestyles, while Kyoto and Nara rely on their richly preserved history. Some have festivals that have survived for hundreds of years, others have geological formations that make them stand out or new attractions that you can’t find anywhere else.

For prefectures to separate themselves from the rest and showcase what makes them special, they have to do something grand. In Oita Prefecture, this means presenting their world-famous hot springs with a synchronized swimming team in what can only be called "synchronized bathing."

Oita is one of the nine prefectures that make up the island of Kyushu, and is most famous in Japan for its diversified selection of natural hot springs, or onsen. People around the country travel to Oita and soak in water heated by volcanic activity. To show off a number of its best onsen, Oita recruited the help of a professional synchronized swim team.

You’ve definitely never seen hot springs enjoyed quite like this!

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