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Grace & Ryosuke vs. Snake Venom Alcohol

Alcohol Video

Grace and Ryosuke from Texan in Tokyo take a chance to taste snake venom alcohol after buying a small collection on a trip to the sunny Islands of Okinawa.

Known in Japanese as habushu (habu snakes are venomous tree vipers or pit vipers, of which three species are found on Okinawa), the drink is based on awamori, itself an Okinawan variant of shochu. The couple choose three types of the drink to try out, including two with 25 percent and one hitting 35 percent alcohol!

Not short of shot glasses from her homeland, a "Don't Mess with Texas" glass is Grace's preferred choice for this potent potable. With a taste range from sweet and spicy to a whisky-like concoction, watch the video to find out if Grace and Ryosuke survive the bite behind snake venom alcohol!