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Sample Some Sake Before Your Next Flight

Alcohol Sake Airport Osaka

There are many lovers of nihonshu (often called sake in English) in Japan, but the challenge of a true nihonshu fan is finding that perfect brand to suit your tastes. With hundreds of different kinds, each with their own flavors and ways to serve, you might drink for years without being able to settle on your favorite brand.

No need to wait around forever to try some quality Japanese alcohol. Just outside Airport Fine Sake Storehouse (Kuko Meishukura)—located on the second floor of the Osaka International Airport North Terminal Building—is a sake taste-testing machine that sells samples from nearly 30 different brands for only ¥100 (US$0.81) each.

There are three machines, each of which holds a maximum of 10 bottles. On a nearby counter are small sake cups that you place into the machine under the dispenser. Then, simply insert your ¥100 coin and push the button of the brand you wish to sample.

With the speed and low cost, it might be difficult not to get carried away and drink too much. The drinks may be cheap but it’ll cost you big in the long-run if you miss your flight. So drink in moderation!

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