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Want Senpai to Notice Your App?

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The cat-collecting smartphone game Neko Atsume (Cat Collector) has taken the world by storm—even sparking another, similar app for dog lovers, Boku to Wanko (Me & Doggies). If you’re a fan of atsume- (collector) style games, this new app will definitely make your heart go dokidoki!

Introducing: Notice Me Senpai!, another smartphone game that follows the basic game play of the other atsume games—except this time you get to collect senpai (hunky upperclassmen) in a café instead of cats in a yard!

In this world, coffee and sweets are bait for senpai. As their interest level goes up, you might get a note from your desired senpai. If it gets really high, a "special memorable event" will occur between the two of you!

What a wonderful game for us senpai lovers! The excitement of figuring out your senpai’s favorite items and having them notice you by dropping by the cafe is like no other! It's very easy to get started, too, as those familiar with Neko Atsume will find this game really easy to adapt to because of the similarities in the basic rules and game play!

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