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Top 10 Sweet Souvenirs from Tokyo Station

| Sweets , Tokyo

5. Tokyo Renga Bread — ECU Tokyo

Modeled after the red bricks of Tokyo Station, these Renga Pan ("Brick Bread") are a great way to commemorate your trip to the capital city. The sweet bean paste and custard whipped cream in the middle don’t hurt either! Get one for ¥257.

4. Tokyo Waffle Cake — R.L. Waffle

It doesn’t get any better than waffle cake filled with seasonal fruits and cream! Get 10 for ¥1,134 and have enough to share with friends—or eat them all yourself!

3. Marshmallow Elegance — Ginnobudo Chocolate Sandwich (Almond)

The cutest cookie on our list, this heart-infused wafer cookie is as adorable as it is delicious, and comes with chocolate or vanilla cream. Get a heartful box for ¥1,080!

2. Maple Butter Cookie — The Maple Mania

A seemingly simple crispy cookie loaded with sweet flavor, these Maple Butter Cookies are sure to please anyone with a sweet tooth. The dough is made with maple sugar and high-quality butter, all baked to a golden crisp. Get nine of them for ¥810!

1. Tokyo Honey Sugar — Yokumoku

There’s a reason these sweet treats have come out on top. Infused with honey syrup and made using a longstanding recipe, the Tokyo Honey Sugar is part cookie, part waffle, and all delicious. Be sure to pick up a box of six for only ¥594!

They all look so delicious, it’ll be hard to decide which ones to take home!

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