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A Match Made in Chocolate Heaven

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Well-known Kyoto-based tea company Tsujiri recently announced that it will be offering a collection of Valentine’s chocolates for the first time—and according to its website, the company has drawn inspiration from chocolates it encountered at a specialty shop in Paris to produce a matcha green tea chocolate with a deep, rich flavor.

Considering the company was founded over 150 years ago by Riemon Tsuji, the man credited with establishing the method for growing the flavorful gyokuro green tea leaves that are highly prized throughout Japan, you would certainly expect it to have the expertise to come up with some seriously tasty stuff.

So, what green-tea-infused treats does it have for us this Valentine’s season?

Bonbons de Chocolat

These chocolates not only come in shapes and colors that are a delight to behold, they contain fillings made of various unique ingredients selected to enhance the flavor of the matcha green tea, and packages come in five sizes: three pieces for ¥918, four for ¥1,209, six for ¥1,814, eight for ¥2,419 (about US$20.45), and 12 for ¥3,628 (about US$30.70).

The ingredients used in the chocolate fillings include (from top left to right and bottom left to right): rich green tea, Japanese pepper, yuzu citrus, pralines and sesame, apricot, and mandarin orange.

Sweet Bean Paste Truffles

Sweet Bean Paste Truffles

These unique truffles combine matcha green tea, chocolate and sweet bean paste (an), as well as a dash of liqueur to make a delightful ball of sweetness.

The “Noir” (dark) truffle contains a filling made of matcha-flavored sweet bean paste and white chocolate with Cointreau, coated with regular chocolate. The “Vert” (green) colored truffle contains a filling of sweet red bean paste and regular chocolate with rum, coated with matcha green tea chocolate.

Batons de Chocolat

These are baked matcha chocolate sticks in a baton shape, covered with chocolate in two flavors. A box of five sticks costs ¥1,944.

The Matcha Noisette stick is coated with matcha-flavored chocolate and topped with hazelnuts and cranberry. The Chocolat Orange stick is coated with regular chocolate and topped with a slice of candied orange.

Marble Gateau Chocolat

This gorgeous cake recreates the ridge patterns of tea fields using matcha and dark chocolate. It’s a rich chocolate cake that should be excellent served cold and is priced at ¥2,484 (about US$21.00).


And last but not least we have the Orangettes, pieces of candied orange coated with regular and matcha-flavored chocolate. The package contains 80 grams (2.8 oz) of the Orangettes for ¥1,944.

The delectable chocolates will be available at special events in select department stores across Japan starting from late January 2016, and also through the Kataoka Select Foods online shop from February 2.

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