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6 Inexpensive Cosmetics Chosen By the Pros

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Japan sells plenty of great, inexpensive cosmetics that even professionals admit are really effective despite their low price! Read up, and rest assured you won't be paying more than ¥2,500 (US$21.40) for any of them!

6. Bifesta — Uruochi Water Cleansing Lotion (Moist)

The extremely popular Uruochi Water Cleansing Lotion is a bargain! This is a lotion-type cleanser made using the original cleansing ingredients of lotion, so you don't have to wash it off after removing your makeup. Just wiping your skin gently with a cotton pad soaked in the lotion is enough to thoroughly remove heavy eye makeup and old keratin, which causes blemishes and discoloration. The hyaluronic acid adheres to the skin to provide high-quality moisture, so it becomes even more translucent every time you use this product.

- (Japanese)

5. Hadabisei — Cheek Essence Mask

If you're concerned your facial wrinkles are becoming more noticeable, this wrinkle care essence mask is for you. The mask wraps around and provides concentrated care to the areas around the eyes, mouth and cheeks, which are the places most vulnerable to signs of aging. The mask includes essence that moisturizes the skin and makes it firmer and more elastic for a smooth and bouncy result.

Adjust the position of the eyes and the mouth, and then spread and adhere the mask on your cheeks for a better fit and effectiveness. This package includes 28 sheets for 14 uses, so it lasts for two weeks if you use the mask every day. This is a good product to invest in if you're looking for anti-aging skin care.

- (Japanese)

4. Panna Pompa — Face Wash Soap & Water Cleanser

This AHA solid soap, in the shape of a panda, is so cute it that using it may even feel like a waste! The glycolic acid, which is found in high quantities in sugar cane, thoroughly removes old keratin and dirt in the pores. This makes the application of foundation on the skin smoother, and it helps in the absorption of toning lotion.

The water cleanser comes with a pump like the ones used in nail salons so you can easily soak a cotton pad with just one hand. This product combines both makeup removal and toning, which saves you time.

- (Japanese)

3. Minon — Amino Moist / Purupuru Shittori Hada Mask

Because this mask goes directly on your skin, it uses a soft non-irritant fiber sheet. This sheet mask feels nice and gentle, even on sensitive skin. Its amino acids instantly hydrate skin for which daily moisturizing is not enough.

The sheet, soaked in concentrated gel, is slightly larger than the standard size, which makes it not only a great deal, but also allows it to adhere to the skin perfectly, making it harder to come off and preventing the discomfort of having the mask dry up and separate from the skin.

- (Japanese)

2. Maybelline — Baby Lips Electro Pop

This is a new, cute and colorful lip cream that combines the moisturizing properties of lip cream with fun neon colors. The pigmentation is so rich you won't need to wear lipstick on top! The cream softens and stays on your lips, providing moisture for hours on end. Regular use helps make lips shinier, fuller, and more hydrated. Different colors offer different fragrances, such as watermelon and orange, so you can also choose among the six shades according to your favorite scent.

- (Japanese)

1. Ihada — Prescreed D

This is an essence-type remedy not only for dermatitis and eczema, but also for babies’ diaper rashes. Its two active ingredients work directly on the inflammation to help in the affected area's recovery. It's unscented, free of artificial coloring and steroids, which makes it safe for sensitive skin. As may be expected from a product developed by Shiseido, it blends easily with the skin and its texture is close to that of a skin care item, even though it's actually a pharmaceutical product. The package, simple yet cute, is nice too!

- (Japanese)

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