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4 Cheap Skin Care Products Recommended by Pros

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From face to hands to body, read up on some surprisingly inexpensive skin care goodies that even professionals approve of. These are all excellent products to consider incorporating into your daily skin care routine.

1. Inexpensive yet formidable 'Functional Cleansers'

Cleansers are part of everybody’s daily skin care routine, so it's normal that we'd want to be particular about their functions. In recent years, cleansers have come to be not only about cleansing your face, but feature added functionalities as well. For example, Bioderma, a representative brand for “cleansing water”—a convenient item that combines makeup removal and toner—is sold by dermatologists all over the world. In Japan, too, its products are displayed at dermatological meetings, and it's deeply supported by women with sensitive skin.

For functional body soap, check out Collage, which offers both anti-fungal and disinfectant properties to cleanse the parts of the body where it's easiest for mold and bacteria to propagate, such as the feet, armpits, and delicate zones.

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2. Moisturize dry winter skin with horse oil cream

Yes, you read that right: horse oil cream. Horse oil is a great friend for dry skin because it's the closest natural oil to human sebum. It penetrates the skin down to the keratinous layer and provides balance between moisture and sebum, resulting in long-term hydration. Some people may be concerned about the smell when thinking about horse oil, but Neo-Natural's cream, our favorite, is completely unscented and safe for use on babies and children, so there's nothing to worry about.

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3. Load up on moisture with this convenient & portable hand oil

The key to protecting your hands from dryness is to take care of them every time they come to mind. This compact roll-on oil is perfect to go in your pouch for use at any time. French brand Melvita’s carefully selected, high-quality smooth oil is highly permeable, so you can immediately feel how your skin becomes moisturized and soft. The gentle geranium fragrance adds a subtle, calming, natural touch. It's said that geraniums are effective in adjusting the activity of female hormones, so we believe it has a relaxing effect as well.

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4. 'Senaka Uruoshi Aisare Sheet'—a unique item for use on your back

During warmer seasons, in which we tend to show off more skin, we tend to pay more attention to details so we always look beautiful. This product, called Senaka Uruoshi Aisare Sheet, is a sheet mask that you stick on your back. It's extra large, measuring 20 cm x 60 cm (about 8 in x 24 in), so you can actually use it any place on your body that's dry.

This was the first time our writer ever used such a big sheet mask, but since all you have to do is stick it on your body, she found it easy to use. In addition, the product combines the functionalities of a cleanser, body lotion, body essence and body milk, which means you don't need any additional products, making it extremely convenient. You can also put it in the refrigerator during the summer to use it cold, which feels very good.

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