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Takoyaki Secrets in 37 Seconds

Food & Drink Osaka

Takoyaki is to Osaka what monjayaki is to Tokyo. There’s even a Takoyaki Museum just outside of Universal Studios Japan on the Universal City Walk, with a collection of food stalls where visitors can taste varieties of the snack as well as see the implements used to make it. And since this is Japan, you can also buy numerous takoyaki-inspired souvenirs.

Takoyaki is a comfort food for many Japanese people. Children love it, people hoe into it at festivals and with friends, and it’s even served at rest areas off the highway. These days many households have electric takoyaki molds for making the snacks at home.

If you haven’t tried this delightful treat yet, you’re really missing out on the flavor of Osaka. Watch this short video and see how it’s made, and we bet you won’t be able to pass up a takoyaki stall in Japan ever again!

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