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Mobile App Lets You 'Collect' US States

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RucKyGAMES is pleased to announce that it has begun distributing its new mobile app, USA Ambition, for iOS/Android as of December 20, 2015.

Collect US States!

Collect US States!

Think you can name every state? Are you sure? In USA Ambition, you begin the game by choosing one state, and then collect the rest to unify them into yours! Collect stars (☆) and level-up the state! Swipe stars (☆) that appear as time goes by and gather as many as you can!

Still having trouble remembering all the states? The in-app mini-game helps you with your memory. You can also collect stars (☆) in the mini-game as well! The process will help you memorize the names of the states and their locations!

App Information:
Title: USA Ambition
Price: Free of charge
Release date: December 20, 2015
Useable On: iOS/Android

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Kazuaki Honma