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Mole Works has just launched a YouTube video to introduce its new product, the Smart Phone Sealing Taro. Showcasing how the product is used and its various merits, the video has been produced and directed by 15-year-old entrepreneur Atsushi Muto together with the narration and appearance of high-schooler entrepreneur Hiroko Nakada.

It's designed to help kids preparing for school entrance exams and busy businesspeople to voluntarily control their phone use. The Smart Phone Sealing Taro is a stylish Japanese envelope that wraps up your phone to free up some time for your life’s important goals. It comes with a sheet of elegant note paper used for writing and enclosing your declaration of intent with your phone, and a golden kanji-marked seal.

According to a survey by Digital Arts Inc. conducted in February 2015, Japanese high school boys and girls use their smartphones for an average of 4.1 and 7 hours daily, respectively.

“Smartphones have become an indispensable part of our lives, but with so much of their future hinging on the exams, do they really want to use up so much of their limited time in front of their phones?” says Mole Works creative director and founder, Chihiro Hirabayashi. ”I came up with the idea of helping such busy kids achieve their goals by reinforcing their self-control to temporarily restrain themselves from using their phones through an easy-to-use product.”

Since the Sealing Taro can only be used once, it effectively holds back the urge to open up the envelope until the declared goal has been fulfilled. The aim is to let users enjoy some smartphone-free time for study, work, travel, and other pursuits. The Smart Phone Sealing Taro is available on Amazon Japan.

Muto, the founder of Creative Fantasy Productions, Inc., expressed an interest in the Smart Phone Sealing Taro, which led to his production of this rather distinctive online video, made by teenage students showcasing the product’s features in an interview format.

Going forward, Mole Works is developing an original Line sticker based on this concept for release in January 2016. A related product, the Smart Phone Sealing Hanako, is scheduled for launch in April 2016.

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