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5 Hot Current Eye, Lip & Cheek Cosmetics

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5 Hot Current Eye, Lip & Cheek Cosmetics

Japan embraced a natural, “effortless makeup” look in 2015, with soft and fluffy eyebrows complemented by modest eyes and healthy-looking, naturally glossy skin. Below are top-ranked selections from AllAbout's experienced makeup guides. You can't go wrong!

1. Lunasol — Selection De Chocolat Eyes #02 (¥2,000)

Reservations poured in even before this product's release! Chocolate colors for a bittersweet gaze!

2. Kate — Super Sharp Liner A BK-1 (¥1,000)

A super sharp liner for a delicate, spiderweb-like fine line that creates an attractive gaze!

3. Helena Rubinstein — Lash Queen Clean Volume Black (¥4,800)

The 10th edition of the Lash Queen provides your lashes with exquisite and sophisticated volume!

5. Lunasol — Coloring Creamy Cheeks #02 (¥3,500)

A result that you can only achieve with a cream blusher! Achieve a natural, healthy and glossy look—as if your cheeks were flushing from the inside!

4. Chanel — Rouge Coco 432 (¥3,800)

Chanel’s iconic lipstick, the driving force behind the lipstick boom, has been fully upgraded to offer a satin-like shine and high moisture throughout the day.

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