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Hated Medicine as a Kid? These Might Help!

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Did you hate taking medicine growing up, and wonder why it always had to taste so awful? And why wasn't there an easy way to keep that towel on your head when you had a fever? Even after-bite bug juice smelled awful. Well, Japan has a number of products that can take some of the sting out of being a little human—or a big one!

4. Ikeda Mohando 'Muhi' Insect Bite Liquid

Muhi is an after-bite, anti-itchiness roll-on liquid or cream. While a mosquito bite remedy isn't the kind of thing you'd except to see developed over time, Japan has found a way to make it both highly effective and less irritating to smell. Just don't get any in your eyes.

3. Ryukakusan Cough Drops

Ryukakusan is arguably the top cough drop brand in Japan, with variants including herbal throat drops, medicated drops, and jelly "oblates" (oburaato)that are easy for kids to swallow. They're effective, and they even taste good! No more nasty cough drops!

2. Kobayashi 'Netsusama' Sheets

When you got a fever as a kid, did your parents stay up and hold a towel on your forehead? Do you do that for your own kids now? Don't you wish there was a way the towel could just be stuck there all night so everyone could be saved the trouble? The Kobayashi Netsusama sheet is one of a number of stick-on body-cooling gel sheets available in Japan, where netsu-sama basically means "Mr. Fever." There are even versions made specifically for adults, kids and babies!

1. Anpanman Cough Syrup

Do you remember the moment when your parents used all their efforts to force you to drink awful cough syrup? Do you still remember how bad it tasted? No worries: Anpanman cough syrup not only tastes good, it even comes in a variety of different fruit flavors. Just keep it out of reach of the kids when they're not supposed to have it! And you'll note these are also made under the Muhi brand!