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8 (+1) Insane Japanese Snowmen

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This surprising snowman is crouched in the traditional Japanese kneeling bow, usually used in times of deep regret and apology. The sculpture was made anonymously, but it's something that all Japanese people can relate to, giving it instant impact. And if you're not overcome with pity for the poor guy, perhaps you'd like to see eight more!

8. Sunbathing Snow Snoopy

Snoopy is of course famous throughout the world, including Japan. And the image of Snoopy sunbathing atop his almost equally famous dog house is instantly recognizable. Seeing him sunbathing in the cold white snow is a refreshing new take on a familiar icon.

7. Totoro Returns from the Forest

Totoro is of course one of the many iconic creations of Studio Ghibli, the Tokyo-based animation studio that, for many, is held on a par with Disney. While Totoro normally hides in the forest, this huge sculpture places him in plain view!

6. Great Buddha's Head Creeps through the Snow

Japan's Great Buddhas, or Daibutsu, have been made from a number of materials, from wood to stone and even gold! True to the "great" in their name, they're very large, imposing creations such as those in Nara and Kamakura. So to see such a mighty sculpture seemingly popping up from beneath the ground as this one does cuts a very striking image indeed!

5. Colossal Titan & Wall Maria

Over 20 million copies of Hajime Isayama's Attack on Titan manga have been sold in Japan. Set in a world where humans live in fear of massive humanoid creatures, this snow sculpture shows the Colossal Titan—the largest of them tall—transformed into an ice-titan collapsing a snow-based segment of Wall Maria, humanity's outer line of defense.

4. Venus de Freezing Cold!

You would be forgiven if you thought this sculpture of the Venus de Milo was the real thing! But perhaps the black Subciety cap gives her away, or the sub-zero temperatures that surround her unsecured location. Real as she may seem, this Venus is simply another creation from the snow.

3. Madoka Magica Melting

Madoka and Kyubey look so perfect on that bench, you might want to sit down right beside them! You may have to act fast, though—if the clear sidewalk is any indication, it looks like that snow isn't going to last long.

2. Frozen Giant Squid

As we near the number one spot, this giant squid is a sure eye-opener as it cleverly creeps up the side of a flight of stairs looking for some tasty human treats! Beware! If the cold doesn't get you, this squid just might!

1. Hachiko's Snow Twin

Star of a 2009 movie with none other than silver-screen legend Richard Gere, Hachiko is by far Japan's most famous dog. When his master suddenly died, Hachiko never gave up awaiting his return, waiting in place through years of snow, wind and rain. Yet one lucky winter, when snow fell on Tokyo and Shibuya station where Hachiko's statue remains, the lonely dog found some spiritual warmth in the company of his snow twin!