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This year from December 31, Ginza Cozy Corner, a well-known chain in Japan specializing in ornate cakes, will begin selling its osechi-inspired “First Sweets,” just in time for the New Year. For those new to celebrating New Year's in Japan, think of osechi like a large bento box with lots of small dishes, with each dish representing longevity or prosperity.

You can choose from a set of nine or a set of 12 assorted cakes, which include a matcha (powdered Japanese green tea) roll cake and a festive kohaku (red and white) tart. The bite-sized treats come in a box that’s decorated with sweet little monkeys in honor of the coming Chinese zodiac year, and is divided like the tiered bento boxes used for osechi.

The nine-cake set will be sold for ¥2,100 and the 12-cake set for ¥2,700 plus tax. Other limited-time sweets Cozy Corner is bringing out for the New Year include the “Monkey’s Tail” chocolate mousse and banana cream cake, and a jumbo cream puff with a special omikuji fortune. If you’re in Japan, you can locate your nearest store via Cozy Corner’s website, though you may need someone who can read Japanese.

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