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Throw 'Undama' at This Seaside Shrine

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Udo Shrine, located on Miyazaki's picturesque Nichinan coast, is a difficult shrine to get to, but definitely worth the journey. It's about a 45-minute bus ride from Aoshima, or an hour-and-a-half ride from Miyazaki Station, and then about a 30 minute trek—involving lots of stairs—up to the shrine. There are street vendors along the way, however, providing refreshment and energy if you need some fuel. Once you reach the shrine, you're are greeted by absolutely breathtaking views—particularly sine the main shrine is literally built into a seaside cave!

One other thing unique to Udo Shrine is the undama throwing. Undama are good luck balls, made out of clay, that you can purchase at the price of five balls for ¥100. Once you've purchased your balls you have to try to throw them into the center of the Kameishi Rock, and if you make it, then supposedly you'll receive good fortune! It's great fun especially because there's the added twist of men having to throw with just their left hand and women having to throw with their right!

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