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'Tis the Season of Giving

Japanese Food Hokkaido

Yui, a resturant in Obihiro, Hokkaido, participates in random acts of kindness by “paying it forward,” where if you’re feeling generous, you can buy as many meals as you want. You don’t eat them all yourself of course; instead, the restaurant adds the number of meals you bought to a sign, and anyone who needs a free meal can order one of them for free.

Here’s the translated version of the sign outside the restaurant so you can see for yourself:

"Pay it Forward Menu!
You can eat any of these for free (someone else has already paid)

Currently available:
* Udon ... 2
* Soba ... 2
* Hokkaido Brown Rice ... 1
* Fried Oysters ... 3
* Egg ... 3
* Natto ... 1
* Curry ... 0
* Alcohol (Beer/Sake/Wine) ... 0"

The numbers on the sign indicate how many of those meals have already been purchased by others and are available for free to anyone who wants them. Now that’s kindness in action!

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