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The Oldest Japanese Grocery Store in the US

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Providing quality Japanese products since 1907, Katagiri offers a wide array of Japanese foodstuffs that can be shipped within the continental US. Whether you're itching to create some homemade Japanese food or hankering for some department store bento from Japan, Katagiri has everything you need—from Anpanman biscuits to Ziami’s pickled ginger!

1. Kasugai Apple Gummy

These soft, apple-flavored gummies are so juicy you’ll mistake them for the famous Aoyama apples of northern Japan!

2. Sun Noodle Ramen

Looking to make the switch from dried, crunchy instant ramen to soft, doughy noodles? Well, Katagiri has got you covered with Sun Noodle Ramen, which is used by acclaimed ramen chefs like Ivan Orkin.

3. Tasty Cream Stew

Cream stew, the dish so good it spawned a comedy duo of the same name, can be ordered through Katagiri’s online shop. After receiving your delivered cream stew seasoning, simply break off a piece and put it in boiling water; then stir in some vegetables and milk, and itadakimasu (dig in)!

4. JFC Panko

Cooking some savory chicken katsu at home? No chicken katsu recipe is complete without some baked, crustless bread, or panko, that you can order from Katagiri. You can even fry it with some onions to make homemade onion rings!