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Dress Up Your Canine or Feline as a Samurai

Samurai Evangelion Pets Animals Tottori

There seems to be rising demand for samurai fashion, and we’re big proponents of strapping on a set of lamellar whenever the opportunity presents itself. Now that opportunity has come to pets with wanko kacchu (doggy armor). This samurai-style protective gear is offered by Kandaya, a pet supply store in Tottori Prefecture's Kurayoshi City.

If that purple and green color scheme looks familiar, it’s because it’s the same palette used for the Eva Unit-01 giant robot of science fiction anime Neon Genesis Evangelion. There’s also a more traditional set of doggy armor that was first introduced in April 2015.

Aside from its 50-50 blend of cute and cool, the doggy armor is actually tied into the city’s literary background. Kurayoshi is where the grave of Satomi Tadayoshi is located. A famous samurai, Satomi is said to have been the inspiration for one of the characters in the epic 19th-century novel known as the Hakkenden, or The Legend of the Eight Dogs.

Kandaya rents doggy armor out of its shop at a price of ¥500 for one hour for the original pattern, or ¥1,000 for 90 minutes for the Evangelion-style suit. Granted, the odds of ninja attacking while you’re strolling around Kurayoshi are extremely slim, but it’s good to know that should you meet with some hostile shinobi, your pet will be properly outfitted.

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