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Aiko from Life Where I'm From already gave us her two cents on why she thinks Japanese bathrooms are the best, but now her dad and her brother Shin get in on the fun by showing us around the inaka (countryside) of Japan in search of a bamboo forest, with a few shrines along the way.

While Shin is less than fond of bugs (okay, he actually tends to run away screaming), Dad doesn’t shy away from the multi-legged little guys, and zooms in gleefully to give us some close-ups of a dead cicada and even an impressive shot of a frog eating an ant.

If you've never been to the rural parts of Japan, this video is a great way to see what it's like—and for those who've experienced living among the tanbo (that's "rice paddy" to you city slickers), get ready for a wave of nostalgia.

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