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Top 10 Gardens & Parks in Kyoto

National Parks of Japan Kyoto Kansai

This awe-inspiring Japanese destination is characterized by atmospheric temples boasting picturesque gardens and majestic mountains as their backdrop. Calling all nature lovers, Kyoto beckons to be discovered by unlocking the top 10 gardens and park of this magnificent city! Check them out below.

10. Subtemples of Daitoku-ji Temple

When you visit the Daitoku-ji Temple, you will find temples within temples providing visitors architectural marvels to enjoy and explore. The temple is steeped in history and it has a selection of meditation gardens, creating a zen-like atmosphere. Within the vicinity of the temples, there are sub temples: Daisenin has a beautiful rock garden, Ryogenin has five different dry landscaped gardens while Kotoin is famous for its maple trees.

9. Stroll garden at Okochi-Sanso Villa

This garden and temple is such a popular landmark in Kyoto that visitors need to book a reservation before visiting. Included in the fee to enter the park, guests will enjoy a nice Japanese delicacy coupled with a hot matcha tea which can be enjoyed in the stunning tea room. The estate was once owned by a famed actor and now it's available for the public to bask in the untimely natural beauty of the gardens and colorful scenery. Follow the marked path to a vantage point where visitors can enjoy panoramic views of the city as well as a tiny Shinto shrine.

8. Taizo-in Subtemple at Myoshin-ji Temple

Myoshin-Ji Temple is a collection of temples and sub-temples with a plethora of gardens, Japanese art and zen-like spaces. Taizo-in is a small Zen Buddhist temple located in Myoshin-Ji Temple featuring quiet and tranquil grounds boasting picturesque gardens and treasures of Japanese art. The garden was designed by the famous Kano Motonobu and it is teeming with charm and character providing visitors with a chance to experience and learn about the Zen culture. Visitors can opt to experience the tea ceremonies calligraphy, Zen meditation and even choose a temple stay.

7. Ryoan-ji Temple

The Ryoan-Ji Temple is home to one of Japan’s most famous rock gardens, attracting visitors from far and wide to visit its splendor. The garden is a collection of pebbles in a rectangular plot enclosed by low earthen walls peppered with 15 rocks laid out in small groups on moss patches. Insider tip: from different vantage points, at least one of the rocks is hidden from the viewer, shedding light on the exquisite mastermind behind the design of the garden. The park also features a restaurant where visitors can savor the local delicacy of Yudofu which is boiled tofu served in a traditional Japanese garden.

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