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Photographer's Creative Urban Building Cutouts

Art Design Deeper Japan

Urban photographer Ken Ohyama is passionate about cities and the various structures that form them. The 48-year old photographer has a knack for taking oft-overlooked elements of urban environments, from highways to housing projects and highlighting their beauty by forcing us to look at them in ways we never have. Like this building in Fukuoka that houses an izakaya on the ground level. In a recent series of photographs, Ohyama took several nondescript urban buildings from cities across Japan and edited out the backgrounds, leaving just a cutout of the structure. The seemingly simple process renders each building almost as a miniature dollhouse. But the reduction also has the additive effect of highlighting each structure, emphasizing columns, windows, plants and electric wires that would have gone unnoticed. Visit our friends at Spoon & Tamago to see more of these unique cutouts.

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