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Top 10 Sweet Souvenirs from Tokyo Station

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With all the delectable sweets and beautifully packaged treats, it can be a little overwhelming to choose the best souvenir to bring back home. So before you leave Tokyo, be sure to take a look at this list of the top 10 sweet souvenirs you can only buy in and around Tokyo Station.

10. Brown Sugar Baumkuchen — Kuroichiya

Although this sweet baumkuchen pastry is made with Okinawan brown sugar, you can only get this specific one at Tokyo Station, dressed to impress with limited-edition Tokyo Station wrapping for ¥1,080.

9. Tokyo Nicorin — Nicorin

The symbolic silver bells of Tokyo Station are recreated with butter and sugar in these delightfully fluffy pastries. Get eight for ¥1,080!

8. Imperial Hotel Cookie Assortment — Lohaco

The most sophisticated souvenir on our list! You can only find this cookie set at Tokyo’s Imperial Hotel. Enjoy the sweets in a limited edition package for ¥1,080.

7. Edo Musubisen Assortment — Tokyo Fumiyu

These traditional crispy crackers come in three different flavors: soy sauce, salt and miso, and we’re sure you’ll enjoy all three! Purchase 18 for ¥1,080.

6. 'In the Midst of the Station' — Gransta Dining

A crispy casing made of domestic rice resembles Tokyo Station, and also hides a filling of red bean or butter cream. Buy five Tokyo Stations for just ¥1,300.

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