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5 Cool Things to Do in Saitama

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Have you ever wanted to play bubble soccer? How about flying through a forest on a zip line? Or maybe you'd just like to see some incredible ice formations? Plenty of cool activities are waiting just around the corner in Saitama—if you know where to look!

5. Go Bouldering

Head out to Climbing Gym Zero and test yourself with some fun and active bouldering options over a wide range of features and levels! New to climbing? No worries—lessons are available as well! The gym is located in Ina Town, just a few stops north of Omiya Station.

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4. Go Diving

Wait, Saitama's landlocked—isn't it? While that's true, Diving Club Kanon has been using Koshigaya City in eastern Saitama as a base to head out to hot diving spots in the Izu Peninsula and along the coast of Kanagawa. You can sign up for a full licensing course that begins with an online study program, a brush-up course, or even advanced divers' tours of key spots along the coast. Just sign up online and tell the instructors where you'd like to go!

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3. Play Bubble Soccer

Try out the hit new sport that puts you inside the ball! Bubble soccer is great for a wide range of ages and activity levels, and you can try it at Coerver Football Park between Musashi-Urawa and Kita-Toda Stations on the Saikyo Line. Or if you want to forego the ball altogether, you can also go for bubble sumo!

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2. Have a Forest Adventure

Head out to Chichibu on the western side of Saitama to play between the treetops at Forest Adventure Chichibu. Clamber across cables and ladders, then slide down a zip line for an adrenaline rush in the forest! Great for kids and adults alike!

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1. See Illuminated Icicles

Chichibu is well known for its temple pilgrimage and shibazakura, but there are unique things to enjoy in winter as well! Located in the Otaki region of Chichibu, the Misotsuchi-no-tsurara Icicles are only visible from the middle of January until the middle of February. Formed on the mountain surface near the Arakawa river, they're beautifully illuminated between 5 p.m. and 9 p.m. during the winter season.

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