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Sing Along to the Mario Theme Song

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The latest Joysound update contains the theme song of none other than Nintendo’s Mario! And while some karaoke songs are accompanied by a randomly selected generic video, in the case of “Go Go Mario!!” fans will be treated to a special montage of scenes from 18 different Mario games, ranging from 1985’s Super Mario Bros. to this year’s Super Mario Maker.

It turns out that “Go Go Mario!!” even has official lyrics, which were originally submitted in 1985 by fans of the Japanese radio program Takao Komine All Night Nippon.

Joysound’s official teaser video is generous enough to give us the first couple of lines. So next time you hit up the karaoke parlors, you'll be ready to sing the Mario theme song!

The opening lyrics (in Japanese with English translations) are:

Kyo mo, genki ni
Mario ga hashiru hashiru

(Mario runs and runs happily again today)

Piichi-hime wo
tasuke ni, iku ze-iku ze

(Let’s go, go save Princess Peach!)

Maybe not the deepest of lyrics, but just what you’d expect for a game as light and fun as Nintendo’s flagship platformer.

For long-time fans of the series, who’ve already spent hundreds of hours listening to the Super Mario Bros. theme while playing through the numerous titles in the franchise, getting the song’s rhythm down should be a snap.

And if you’re someone who’s far more confident in your gaming skills than your singing chops, there’s always the option of just playing the video as background music during a karaoke box study or chill session.

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