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New Bus Service for Travelers to Japan

Bus Airport First Time in Japan

An airport limousine operator started a new bus service for travelers to Japan on December 16 to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus. The government has been asking arrivals from foreign countries to avoid using public transportation. Narita Airport says people have used public trains and buses as it is costly to arrange private vehicles.

As of October 16, apart from Japanese citizens and those with a status of residence, the eligible travelers are nationals from 11 countries and regions across the world who enter the nation for business purposes. Exchange students from around the world are also allowed entry.

To secure stable and safe transport from the airport, Airport Transport Service started running three buses a day which head to 12 hotels in Tokyo.

People who stay in those hotels will be able to use the bus service. Advance booking is required. The operator says they are considering increasing the number of trips and destinations.