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Tokyo Excluded From Go To Travel Campaign

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Japan’s government will go ahead with its travel campaign beginning July 22 as scheduled, But officials have decided to exclude Tokyo from the travel subsidy program due to the growing number of coronavirus cases in the capital.

The Go To Travel campaign is designed to boost domestic tourism amid sluggish economic growth due to the coronavirus pandemic. The government will subsidize up to half of accommodation costs, providing up to ¥20,000 ($186) per traveler.

The tourism ministry laid out the conditions of the campaign on July 17. Travelers must take their temperatures before departure. Ministry officials are asking people with a fever or cold symptoms to refrain from traveling. They are also urging people to refrain from traveling in large groups, especially the elderly due to their increased risk of becoming critically ill when infected with the coronavirus.

Participating lodging operators must take the temperatures of arriving guests and limit the number of people in dining spaces and other common areas. Accommodation facilities will also need to thoroughly disinfect and ventilate their facilities.