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Could You Eat Bug Sushi?

Sushi Insects Tokyo Greater Tokyo

In many ways, Tokyo is a food-lover’s paradise. Aside from all the amazing Japanese cuisine the city has to offer, you can also find restaurants serving up great pizza, hamburgers, tom yam kung, and even bahn mi. But only those with the widest of palates were in attendance at the sixth annual Tokyo Bug-Eating Festival held on November 23.

At the fashionable venue in the city’s Tamachi neighborhood, the event’s fare was a little less traditionally elegant, including sushi made from insects.

Just as sushi restaurants stock a variety of ingredients, so too was this station equipped with a number of different bugs to put atop morsels of vinegared rice. Diners could choose from locust, mealworm, green banana cockroach, silkworm pupa, or black wasp.

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