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Osaka River Turns into Floating Sushi Train

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Osaka is known throughout Japan for being a foodie’s paradise. The area has such a focus on food and dining and has given birth to so many well-known dishes that there’s even a famous saying: Kyo no ki-daore, Osaka no kui-daore, meaning, “Dress up till you drop in Kyoto, eat till you drop in Osaka.”

In October 2015, the city showed us just how much their food culture means to them, with a giant floating sushi train carrying plates of gigantic sushi up and down the river!

Rolling Sushii” was one of a number of works on display as part of the Osaka Canvas Project, where artists and performers transformed the vibrant city with outdoor performances and interactive installations. These images are from the trial run.

In the Edo Period, which lasted from the 17th to 19th century, Osaka was referred to as Tenka no Daidokoro, “The Nation’s Kitchen,” as it was the main center for rice trading. In 1958, the world’s first conveyor belt sushi restaurant appeared here, so it’s only fitting that the world’s first giant floating sushi train should debut in the area as well.

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