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Stay Warm This Winter with Oden-Scented Powder

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Why take a trip to the convenience store when you’ve got the tools for self-love right at home? Bookstore and miscellaneous goods shop Village Vanguard is back at it with their bath powder shenanigans.

From transforming your tub into a bowl of freshly made miso soup to bestowing us humble consumers with KFC bath salts, Village Vanguard knows a thing or two about making us hungry during bath time with its Dashijiru no Yu bath powder series, roughly translating to Savory Broth Bath.

While previous renditions of this bath powder series featured grilled meat, this third launch adds a new flavor to the roster: oden. Essentially a variety of meat and vegetables prepared in stewed broth, oden is a mainstay at Japanese convenience stores during the chilly winter months. Considered comfort food by many, it’s only right to end off the season with a bath powder that brings the best of Japan’s winter cuisine to the comfort of your own home.

The full list of currently available flavors for your bathwater: curry, ramen, spicy Korean stew, beef bowl, miso soup, and oden. Village Vanguard’s Savory Broth Bath series aims to give you the simulated experience of eating while unwinding for the day. Even though the advertisement shows a blissful bath time scene, the bottom of the packaging reminds customers: “Not edible!”

Though the store warns not to use their bath powder if you’re fasting or haven’t eaten yet, we suspect that users who regularly bathe after dinner will be tempted to have a second meal, or those of us who are more ambitious and able to multitask may feel the urge to eat during their bath time.

If you’re in the mood of giving, Village Vanguard also offers a variety pack, with the ramen, curry, beef bowl, and oden bath powders included. Those wishing to transform the placid waters of their bath into a savory meal can purchase the bath powders from Village Vanguard’s online store here. Each bath powder is priced at 330 yen (US$3) or 1,100 yen, for the variety pack.

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