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One-Touch Sushi Transformers!

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Think Cybertron has it bad? You haven't met the Nigiri and the Makare, two opposing tribes of sushi robots on planet Sushilias. The Nigiri are all, naturally, nigiri sushi shaped, while the Makare are all of maki sushi style, perhaps appropriately harking back to the days of the original all-car lineup of Autobots.

Sushi uses a special kind of vinegared rice known as shari, and sticking vigilantly to the foody theme, a five-Nigiri unit known as Team Schallyder (that's shari-der) works to restore peace to Sushilias. Led by honorable tuna warrior Toromaru, they're opposed by the Makare Gang, a secret, nori-rolled organization that wants to throw a chopstick into the works.

Most impressively, all of these larger-than-life sushi robots transform at the touch of a button! You can then finish the job by manually removing a Nigiri warrior's fish topping to create a shield, where you'll also find a weapon concealed inside.

While the commentator from Toy Polloi above struggles with the Japanese, the front of the box says Schallyder Eibis, the name of this particular sushi ranger, while the mark on his head is ebi, or shrimp.

As for the battle dish accessory on the back, if you want to know how to play with it, you can find out at the Takara Tomy website below!