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The Perfect Gifts for the Jedi in Your Family

Star Wars Fashion

Those of us in Japan get to enjoy the final film in the latest Star Wars trilogy, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, at around the same time as America for once, and gift retailer Felissimo has made sure to debut a series of tie-in fashion pieces just in time.

We’re huge fans of Star Wars and Felissimo, though the latter is usually filling our headlines with strange feline beauty products or gigantic, huggable plush oysters. We couldn’t wait to see what their creative genius would do with the Star Wars aesthetic.

First, here’s the undisputed star of the collection: the Star Wars Jedi Dress, priced at 6,490 yen (US$59). It’s made of ivory fabric and resembles a wide-sleeved kimono when you first dress in it without a belt.

With the belt tied around your hips, the dress becomes instantly recognizable as Jedi attire. In this outfit, you can wander around town with your lightsaber in hand and look like a lost intergalactic traveler.

Though the Jedi dress is brimming with Star Wars influence and makes a striking impression, you might feel a bit sheepish about dressing up in it for day-to-day activities. Felissimo has the perfect answer for when you want some subtle Star Wars flair: a take on Padmé Amidala’s infamous marigold dress, that she wore on her picnic date in the meadow with Anakin Skywalker.

Sure, it costs 15,389 yen (US$140), but just check out the intricate detail in all those beautiful embroidered flowers. The dress also comes with a fabric hairband to push your hair out of your face. While it’s clearly referencing Padmé’s date outfit, it’s subtle enough that it can pass for a regular yellow dress.

But perhaps you need to carry things around with you on your picnic date? Fear not. Felissimo is also selling a drawstring purse patterned after the Royal Handmaidens of Naboo for 3,850 yen. A perfect match for the dress, it comes in a rich burgundy fabric befitting of royalty, while the silken maroon lining inside will keep your items safe in the lap of luxury.

Felissimo also has comfy sweatshirts stamped with famous locales from the series: the ice planet Hoth, Luke and Anakin Skywalker’s home planet of Tatooine, the peaceful planet Naboo, or the Death Star, which really needs no further explanation. The sweatshirts each cost 8,690 yen, making them a little more affordable than the extravagant dress.

Whatever of the offerings you choose, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to wear them out to Star Wars-themed cafés or a light outing to watch some Star Wars kabuki theater.

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