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7 Steps to Kaitenzushi

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It’s rare to meet someone who doesn’t love sushi—especially foreigners. But sushi is expensive and therefore very difficult to like—at least as a broke college student. A lot of the time when I’m out with friends, we see a regular sushi restaurant and are like, “Hey! Let’s eat sushi!” Then we go in, look at the menu and are like, “Yeah… never mind. Ramen sounds good too.”

That is, of course, until we found rotation sushi.

Rotation sushi (or conveyor belt sushi) is exactly what it sounds like: Sushi (on a little plate) on a conveyor belt that snakes around all the tables, so you can pick your favorite sushi—no wait. The best part, though, is the price. Most plates are ¥100, and most plates have two pieces of sushi. So a “full” meal of 18 pieces of sushi, usually about my limit, runs up to about ¥900. This really isn’t bad, you know, considering the fact you just ate delicious sushi.

So if you want to eat rotation sushi, read on to find out how to do it in seven steps!

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