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Cuddle With Adorable Micro Pigs at Mipig Café

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Tokyo is famous for being the pioneer of different animal cafés, including cat cafés, dog cafés, owl cafés, bunny cafés, snake cafés, reptile cafés, even a goat café!

Well, the newest player in town is here: micro pigs. The Mipig Café in Meguro is a four-story playpen for its 10 friendly resident micro pigs. Pigs are known to be as smart and tidy creatures, which would make them perfect as pets if it weren’t for their size. At Mipig Cafe, you can enjoy the cuteness of baby micro pigs and even experience them at adulthood at 40 kilograms, approximately the size of a Shiba dog.

Entry is ¥800 for 30 minutes. The pigs are popular, so make sure you reserve in advance.

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