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This New Pokémon Evolution Isn't So Farfetch’d

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As seasoned veterans know, once you’ve caught ’em the next step is to evolve your Pokémon into stronger forms through battle-won experience and/or transformation-triggering items. However, a select few Pokémon have never had any evolution capabilities. But one first-generation Pokémon is finally getting an evolved form in the upcoming Pokémon game.

The evolution was first teased in graphic-glitched form a few days ago, with part of its garbled Japanese-text name looking like a corrupted version of the word “knight” or “night.” There was also what looked like a lance, which fits with Sword and Shield’s U.K.-inspired motifs, but it turns out that it’s actually not a lance, but a leek!

Thanks to the Pokémon’s full reveal, we now know that the new species is named Sirfetch’d. Exclusive to the Sword release of paired games Pokémon Sword and Shield, it’s the first-ever evolution of Farfetch’d, the green onion-carrying duck-like Pokémon who shows up in the series’ very first games.

Sirfetch’d’s preview video. Despite its compact size, the Fighting-type Pokémon tips the scales at a hefty 117 kilograms (257.9 pounds).

Farfetch’d, who had to wait so long for an evolved form that Ash actually won a Pokémon League championship before it got one.

Sirfetch’d is described as a stalwart, chivalrous knight who adheres to a strict code of fair combat. Such standards do still allow it to unleash Meteor Assault, an exclusive attack in which it charges its opponent like a jousting knight, but delivers the strike with classic Japanese chambara flair, complete with fluttering sakura petals and a shoji lattice frame door background motif.

Getting back to that leek lance, Sirfetch’ds take up but one weapon for their entire lives, maintaining and sharpening it diligently. Once the weapon ages or is damaged beyond repair, a Sirfetch’d will retire from the world of Pokémon combat, which might explain why Farfetch’ds are said to be fiercely competitive in claiming choice green onions.

Sirfetch’d takes the field of battle on November 15, when Pokémon Sword launches worldwide.

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