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It’s important to teach your kids that there’s a great big world out there with discoveries to be made and challenges to overcome. Life itself, truly, is the grandest adventure. So it only makes sense for your baby to be dressed appropriately for the epic undertaking, and video game developer Square Enix is ready to supply cool and cute equipment.

The newly launched Dragon Quest Baby and Kids line features items for your family’s newborn hero inspired by the arms and armor of Dragon Quest’s legendary warrior Roto, or Erdrick, as he’s called in some English-language versions of the landmark role-playing games. Pictured at the top is a tiny champion holding the Sword Rattle of Roto and Shield Rattle of Roto, and wearing the Armor Bib of Roto and Helmet Cap of Roto. In addition to bolstering your baby’s attack and defense, the enchanted artifacts also provide a massive bonus to his or her charisma and cuteness stats.

The Roto items come in a treasure chest-style box, which also contains an Adventurer’s Log, or, in more mundane terms, a baby book. The page for baby’s first photo also has a name input screen, just like the one that appears at the very start of Dragon Quest.

There’s also special stationery on which to write a letter to be read by the hero on his or her 16th birthday, a common “RPG protagonist sets out on an adventure age,” though it’s up to you whether you want your message to be “You were a sweet baby, and we loved you right from the start” or “Child, should I be eaten by dragons before you read this, take up arms and avenge me!”

On the other hand, if you see your baby as less a hero who’s here to save the world, and more a messy but adorably round and soft creature that’s suddenly appeared, the Dragon Quest Baby and Kids collection also has a variety of Slime bibs, including the standard Slime Bib, King Slime Bib and Cap.

As well as the Slime Tower Bib and Cap Set, which comes with two bibs, one blue and one orange, and a green cap. The Roto set is priced at 13,824 yen (US$128), while the bibs/bib sets range from 1,944 to 4,536 yen. All are available for purchase online here through the Square Enix e-Store.

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