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Sate Your Stomach with a Soda Sandwich

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Over the years, Japan has been reinventing the way we eat bread with new kinds of butter and spreads featuring the flavor like mint chocolate, coffee, and even matcha.

But now the Ichimasa brand of kanikama (salad sticks), which are faux crab pieces made from minced white fish paste, is taking the trend even further by encouraging us to add soda-flavored fish sticks as a bread topping.

The new limited-edition soda variety has been created especially for summer, with the cooling blue color created with a natural plant-derived pigment taken from the gardenia plant.

Ichimasa hopes that people will use the blue sticks to create their own weird and wonderful creations to share with friends and followers on social media. While we’re not sure whether or not we’ll be adventurous enough to combine the sticks with our toast for breakfast, the blue-tinged sticks will certainly come in handy for those wanting to create some unique summer-themed kyaraben (character bento).

The new soda-flavored salad sticks will only be available for a very limited time, as they go on sale from August 1st for only one month at stores around the country. So grab a bottle of crab-juice-infused Crab Cola and keep an eye out for them in the freezer section of your supermarket this summer!

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