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Tokyo's Best Drop-in Coworking Spaces

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Tokyo doesn’t necessarily have a reputation for being a digital nomad city, but recently the innovative coworking community has burst onto the scene. The result has given freelancers, traveling workers, startups and entrepreneurs excellent alternative spaces to meet, work and collaborate beyond typical, stuffy office walls.

Tokyo's Coworking Scene

In a city like Tokyo where space is at a premium, these centrally located coworking offices offer stylish, modern facilities in excellent neighborhoods and enough added extras that'll make you never want to leave work! If you’re passing through the city and need to bang out a project, or you’re on the hunt for a new space, you can’t look past there five excellent options.

HAPON Shinjuku

Located just minutes from Shinjuku Station, HAPON is arguably one of the most central coworking spaces in the entire city, which is perfect for travelers looking to make the most of their time in Tokyo.

Located on the fifth and sixth floors of the Musashi Building, the space has a light-filled, breezy and laid back ambiance to it, but it’s quiet enough to really knuckle down and get serious work done. An added bonus for travelers and anyone who doesn't speak Japanese is that most of the staff here do speak English, and there’s plenty of English information available. Delicately designed to balance stylish aesthetics with professionalism, the furniture in the main coworking space is unique but comfortable, and provides plenty of opportunity for collaborative work.

There are private booths and meeting rooms available for rental, though they do come with an additional fee. In terms of extras, the office also serves seasonally selected craft coffee and a varied selection of other drinks. including hard-to-find artisanal offerings sourced from local producers in Japan.

To help travelers get acquainted with the coworking scene, HAPON has recently launched a new "Traveler Ticket" initiative that allows international visitors to pre-purchase cheaper day passes to use the space. All you have to do is pop by the office and select the five-day or 10-day ticket book, pay and visit anytime!

Price: ¥8,000 for a five-ticket book; ¥14,000 for a 10-ticket book

The Hive Jinnan

One of the newer additions to Tokyo’s coworking scene, The Hive is garnering a lot of attention. A large portion of the attention is thanks to its busy events calendar and popular “try free Tuesdays” where anyone can pop by and use the space free of charge.

Located just a few minutes from Yoyogi Park and central Shibuya, its location is pretty ideal for anyone in the city, and the design of the space lives up to its stylish surroundings. Downstairs you'll find a café-esque coworking space with open seating and plenty of hot desks for those who want something cheaper and easier. On the upper-level floors are private booths and small office spaces populated by companies of all industries.

English friendly and flexible, The Hive has drop-in options and monthly memberships, which are great for those who want to hang around Tokyo a little longer.

Price: ¥5,000 for a monthly pass (with a max of two hours a day)

Tokyo Chapter Akasaka

A striking contrast to the typically minimalistic, glass-paneled open plan coworking spaces, Tokyo Chapter feels more like a mysterious museum, or an antique library. Located close to the upmarket hub of Roppongi, its location is ideal for those who tend to explore the more expat-centric side of the city, and as expected, the space is very foreigner-friendly.

Tokyo Chapter has a free desk for drop-ins, and on the first floor you’ll find a cozy lounge space decked out with comfy sofas and overstuffed armchairs, as well as a well-stocked kitchen. There are also private offices available and—for anyone looking for a place to stay—accommodation facilities too, which can be rented up to months at a time!

Price: ¥2,000 per day

Ryozan Park Sugamo

Located in the slightly sleepier neighborhood of Sugamo, Ryozan Park may not be the most central of coworking spaces—but once you get there, you won’t want to leave! The space features slick, state-of-the-art design and spacious private offices and booths.

The highlight of the entire complex, however, is the two main free coworking areas; both the Lounge and Core Freedesk Coworking Space. Lounge is—as the name suggests—a casual, open and laid-back space that’s very group-friendly and comfortable. The combination of café, bar and workspace is very conducive to bursts of creativity and inspiration. Core is a little more classic in terms of coworking space, with long communal desks for solo working and separate tables for collaboration. Perfect for working families, Ryozan Park also offers childcare services too.

Price: ¥1,500 per day (on weekdays), memberships start at ¥10,000 per month

Trunk Hotel

If you want to get technical, Trunk isn’t primarily a coworking space. It’s a hotel, a bar, a restaurant, a café; basically, a Shibuya-based lifestyle hub that also welcomes digital nomads and other remote workers.

In the main lobby of the hotel is where you’ll find a cluster of couches, tables and two long desks with power plugs lined with creatives and digital workers of all backgrounds, happily plugged into their screens. The communal atmosphere makes it an excellent spot for a business meeting or brainstorming session. The best part? It’s free! The only obligation is that you purchase something from the bar or the convenience store.

Price per day: Free!!!