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Snow & Sakura Make for Incredible Hanami

Cherry Blossoms Snow Life in Japan

For spring of 2019, temperatures have been rising and dipping erratically, meaning this year’s hanami cherry blossom viewing season has been longer than previous years in some parts and delayed in others. And on April 10, temperatures dipped so dramatically that it brought snow to the blossoms.

It’s not every year that we get to see snowfall while the sakura are in bloom, so photographers took the opportunity to capture the unusual scene, sharing gorgeous photos and videos online.

Chichibu is only a short way from Tokyo, but as you can see the resilient cherry blossoms were blanketed in a light layer of snow.

Snowy sakura scenes were also captured in sites around mountainous Nagano Prefecture, where snow fell on trees in gardens…

... and around town.

People in Matsumoto, also in Nagano, woke up to a snowy castle in the morning.

And the city of Gujo, in neighboring Gifu Prefecture, received snow to complement the blossoms in full bloom.

Lake Kawaguchi, located in southern Yamanashi Prefecture near Mount Fuji, was also covered in snow.

Northern Japan also had its fair share, as shown by this image captured in Ogawara, in Miyagi Prefecture.

The greater Tokyo area did as well, as you can see from this video filmed in Hachioji.

The Miharu Takizakura in Fukushima Prefecture, one of Japan’s top three great cherry blossom trees, also looked magical covered in snow. The tree is over 1,000 years old, and is expected to be in full bloom in late April.

With clear skies around Japan today, temperatures are set to fall again later this week. And while snow isn’t being forecast at the moment, the cold snap does mean we can look forward to a longer cherry blossom viewing season in areas around Japan this year.

So pack your picnic basket, put on your sakura beret, and start planning your trip to visit the best hanami spots in the country!

Source: Weathernews
Featured image: Twitter/@sas331122

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