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Take a Guess Where This Breakfast Was Made!

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We really can’t overstate how awesome Japanese convenience stores are. But we wondered what sort of breakfast we could put together at our local 7-Eleven. And when we say “breakfast,” we’re not talking about a doughnut and a pack of orange juice (although you can get those at 7-Eleven, too). We wanted a traditional, multi-dish Japanese breakfast!

After a quick shopping trip, we were back home with no less than seven 7-Eleven-sourced breakfast foodstuffs, all part of the chain’s proprietary Seven Premium store brand. Complete with rice, miso soup, tamagoyaki (a sweet, thick omelet), hijiki (a type of sea vegetable), nukazuke pickles and of course, natto (fermendted soybeans), this morning meal runs about ¥1,030.

That's a little steep for a meal from the convenience store, but hey, it's nutritious and will probably last a lot longer than a melonpan!

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