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Make Your Own Ramen Burger

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The ramen burger was introduced in New York by ramen chef Keizo Shimamoto in 2013, and by 2014 it was already named one of Time Magazine’s 17 Most Influential Burgers of All Time. So, naturally, people wondered how to make one. Here’s how.

To clarify the video’s attempted clarification, the word ramen never referred to the noodle broth. The term comes from the Chinese ra-mein (拉麺), where the former character means to pull out or extend, while the latter means, surprisingly enough, noodle.

The same noodle character can be found in the Chinese chow mein (炒麵) or the Japanese somen (素麺, thin noodles normally eaten cold. Note the Japanese version of the character is slightly different—that happens a lot). And while kishimen (flat Nagoya-style soba noodles) will only be written in hiragana, the same men suffix can be found there as well.

So, broth, well… Broth’s got nothing to do with it.

SORTEDfood does get points for using the ramen seasoning in the patty, however. And while ramen burger inventor Shimamoto would probably say the final product is a little oversized, that just makes for a more entertaining eating experience.