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Top 10 Onsen in Tokyo

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We’ve carefully selected 10 onsen hot springs in the Tokyo metropolitan area just for you. Our guide includes traditional onsen great for day trips, cost-effective onsen and romantic onsen perfect for couples. We’ve even included some onsen hotels, the perfect escape from the craziness of Tokyo!

Perfect for Day Trips

Perfect for Day Trips

The water runs straight from the source at these two hot springs, creating a relaxing, traditional atmosphere.

Maenohara Onsen Sayano Yudokoro (Idabashi)

Sayano Yudokoro is, by name and by nature, the onsen most representative of Tokyo’s 23 wards, and is perfect for a day trip. Saya refers to the ancient kanji, 清, essentially meaning "clear" or "pure." That meaning is reflected in the wonderfully fresh water that flows into the baths. Many people are already in the know when it comes to the quality of Sayano Yudokoro, so it can be pretty crowded on weekends. Fortunately, the patrons who frequent this bath are always mindful of their manners.

While the natural springs are a major selling point, the food on offer is also not to be missed! In addition, there are several other traditional features, including a beautiful stone and moss garden, a hot stone sauna and the Showa-style building. Sayano Yudoroko offers a sense of peace and tranquility not often found in the hustle and bustle of Tokyo.

Ofuro-no-Osama Hanakoganei (Kodaira)

Ofuro-no-Osama (literally “The Bath King”) is home to one of the most precious sources of natural water in the capital. Although it's technically a chain, the concept of Ofuro-no-Osama is to create a place where people can get away for some serious R&R. Beyond its multiple baths (which include a sparkling water bath and a jet bath, among others), the establishment also includes a rather substantial dining area and stone sauna. They say the only way to truly understand how relaxing onsen can be is to visit a really good one—and Ofuro-no-Osama is the perfect place to do so!

Cost-Effective Options

Cost-Effective Options

Two great public baths for only ¥460 each!

Hisamatsuyu’s Natural Onsen (Nerima)

Hisamatsuyu was renovated in May 2014, and although they call it a "public bath," it looks more like an art gallery! During their renewal they dug out a full-blown, open-air hot spring—which means visitors can enjoy an open-air bath in the heart of Tokyo for only ¥460! Do we really need to say more?

Musashi-Koyama Onsen Shimizu-yu (Shinagawa)

In 2008 the facilities at Shimizu-yu also underwent renovations. After taking advantage of the two baths at Shimizu-yu (which flow from two separate sources), why not make the most of your trip and relax in the rest area on the second floor? Ladies can also take advantage of the women-only hot stone sauna for an additional fee.

Perfect for Couples

Perfect for Couples

Looking for a romantic getaway? Look no further!

Tokyo Dome Natural Hot Spring: Spa LaQua (Bunkyo)

The biggest problems couples face when they go to onsen together is the fact that baths are separated by gender. Why go through all the trouble just to spend your date by yourself? Spa LaQua has a designated building called the “Healing Baden," where men and women can enter together wearing special swimsuits and enjoy a relaxing steam in the hot stone sauna. If you're wondering where the name comes from, it's taken from the German word baden (which means "bath"), but is used here to mean mixed-gender bath. Once you're done relaxing, you can check out the Tokyo Dome Shopping Center!

Baden & Natural Hot Spring Toshimaen Niwa-no-Yu (Nerima)

Toshimaen’sBaden Zone” also allows men and women to go in wearing a bathing suit, and is the perfect place for some couple relaxation! Since the baths are prohibited to children, the atmosphere is quite refined. Just as the name Niwa-no-Yu (literally "garden bath") would suggest, the hot spring is located by a beautiful, relaxing garden that you wouldn’t expect to find in Tokyo. You can also keep the date going by visiting Toshimaen's amusement park afterward!

Luxury Onsen Hotels

Luxury Onsen Hotels

Relax in luxury at these elegant resorts.

Otemachi Onsen, Hoshi-no-ya Tokyo (Chiyoda-ku)

In Otemachi’s Office Building Town area (オフィスビル街) you can find Hoshi-no-Ya Tokyo, which is part of the popular luxury Hoshino Resorts chain. In terms of looks, the hotel is actually very much like a traditional Japanese ryokan. In contrast to the business buildings surrounding it, the traditional style of Hoshi-no-Ya really stands out. On the top floor you’ll find the Otemachi Onsen—reserved only for hotel guests. If you want to have a luxury stay with an onsen experience in Tokyo, this is definitely the place to go.

The Prince Park Tower Tokyo (Minato)

Right next to Shiba Park, this hotel boasts spectacular views of Tokyo Tower. Inside the hotel there is a hot spring, spa and gym. Normally a membership is required to use these facilities, but hotel guests are allowed to use them too. On the Premium Club floor, after you’ve tried out the free spa and gym, you can also use the relax in the Club Lounge. Even among the classy selection of Prince Hotels, the Prince Tokyo is one of the most relaxing stays out there!

Carefree Onsen Hotels

Carefree Onsen Hotels

Finally, we have two business hotels that also have onsen, so you can make the most of your business trips.

Kamejimakawa Onsen Shinagawa-no-yu: Dormy Inn Hatchobori (Chuo)

Dormy Inn is a popular national chain, and this branch is only a one-minute walk away from Hatchobori Station on the JR Keio Line. As soon as you exit the station, all you have to do is cross the bridge and you’re at the hotel. Whether it’s business or pleasure you’re after, you can’t go wrong with Dormy Inn! Let this large, open-air bath wash away your stress. Also be sure to try Dormy Inn's signature noodle dish, yonaki soba, which is complementary with your stay!

Odaiba Oedo Onsen Monogatari (Koto)

This onsen is known as a good day-trip location but, it's also a great place to stay the night thanks to the attached Iseya Hotel. A stay includes entry into the Oedo Onsen, as well as free breakfast and free parking, so guests get a lot of bang for their buck! For an extra fee you can also use the stone sauna. This little-known inn is a definite must if you're sightseeing around the city. Plus, those looking to try out capsule hotels are in luck—there's a male-only facility called Kurobune (literally "black ship") attached!

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