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The Midnight Migration from Tsukiji to Toyosu

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Last weekend will forever be known as "The Great Fish Market Migration of 2018." At least that’s what Spoon & Tamago is calling it! On the afternoon of October 6, 2018, Tokyo’s Tsukiji Fish Market held its final tuna auction and the market was shuttered, officially ushering in the end of an era.

However, the work was far from over. As soon as their customers had vacated the premises, workers quickly began preparing to move to the new Toyosu location, a feat that involves relocating all their supplies and equipment 2.3 km (1.4 mi) away, before the new market opens for business on October 11.

Included in that equipment is a total of 2,600 motorized carts and forklifts which had to be driven to the new market. So at 5 a.m. on October 7, before the sun rose, police closed off public roads and the carts and forklifts set off on their great migration, traveling at an underwhelming speed of 15 km/hr, or just under 10 mph. Photographer Mizuho Miyazaki captured the sight, which was quite beautiful and sentimental. The vehicles arrived at the new market, just as the sun was rising.

For more photos of this historic moment, as well as a video of the nighttime journey, check out the full article from our friends at Spoon & Tamago via the link below!