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Conan Arrives in "Conan Town" to Settle Beef

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Since landing in Japan, American talk show host Conan O’Brien has been sharing his strange brand of comedy with the people of Tokyo, turning heads in a kawaii outfit on the streets of Harajuku.

He even took time out to rent a Japanese family for a day.

While Conan’s Tokyo shenanigans were being filmed for an upcoming Japan special on his show, the main reason for his trip was to visit a rural town in Tottori Prefecture nicknamed “Conan Town." So on Thursday, he and his team made their way to Tottori. The day before his arrival, the town of Hokuei shared the details of Conan’s schedule on their official Twitter account, inviting everyone to join them for what promised to be a special day.

However, just as Conan was due to arrive at Tottori Airport at 10:55 a.m., this video suddenly appeared on the comedian’s social media channels.

As it turns out, Conan and his team had arrived at Yonago Airport, which is also known as Miho Airbase, a Japan Air Defense Force base which shares its runway for civil activities. How on Earth Conan and his team, including a native Japanese interpreter, managed to mistake “Yonago Airport” for “Tottori Airport” seems mind-boggling, but one possible explanation could be that they were travelling by private plane.

When the town of Hokuei heard about the mix-up, they were understandably puzzled, sending out this tweet in response, saying: “You arrived at Yonago Airport!? Is this another one of your American Jokes???”

As it turns out, this wasn’t a comedy bit by Conan, but an actual error that meant he missed out on this welcome from fans who had assembled at Tottori Airport to meet him.

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Conan was keen to let everyone know he was frantically racing to meet them as he made his way to Conan Town in a taxi with his travelling companions.

Finally, Conan arrived at Conan Town, and his late arrival was quickly forgotten as fans expressed their glee at meeting the star. While American Conan refrained from dressing in the same bow tie and blue jacket as Conan the character, he did wear a necktie and boxy green jacket that created a passing resemblance to the star of Detective Conan.

Then it was time to meet Mayor Matsumoto, and the two exchanging honorary sashes. Conan’s says “Mayor for the Day," while Mayor Matsumoto’s says… "Miss Iowa."

After their meeting the two mayors headed out to Conan Station to address the public, where Conan managed the first part of his speech to the people of Conan Town in Japanese. He was cheered for his efforts.

For more of Conan's shenanigans in Tottori, read the full story at SoraNews24!

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